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Enjoy the sea in Sihanoukville!
Sihanoukville (Airport Transfer・Departure: Sihanouk Ville)

Enjoy the sea in Sihanoukville!
Departure: Sihanouk Ville

Enjoy the sun and the sea as you go diving within the islands of Sihanoukville. Enjoy the scenic beauty that the place has to offer. Relax and unwind with nature as you go snorkeling, diving, fishing or simply frolicking by the beach.

Up to 10 divers or up to 25 snorkeling participants (same day return)
To be accompanied by a PADI licensed English-speaking staff

Day time:Up to 20 divers or up to 60 snorkeling participants
Boat stay:15 guests max
To be accompanied by a PADI licensed English-speaking staff

Day time:Up to 5 divers or up to 15 snorkeling participants (same day return)
To be accompanied by a PADI licensed English-speaking staff

エコシーボート1チャーター (ロンサレム島 1日) お一人様 180US$
エコシーボート1チャーター (タス島 半日) お一人様 120US$
エコシーボート1チャーター (ロンサレム島 1日 12月20日~1月10日、4月10日~4月16日) お一人様 230US$
エコシービッグボートチャーター (ロンサレム島 1日) お一人様 230US$
エコシービッグボートチャーター (タス島 半日) お一人様 180US$
エコシービッグボートチャーター (ロンサレム島 1日 12月20日~1月10日、4月10日~4月16日) お一人様 340US$
エコシービッグボートチャーター (タン島 2日) お一人様 500US$
エコシースモールボートチャーター (ロンサレム島 1日) お一人様 145US$
エコシースモールボートチャーター (タス島 半日) お一人様 100US$
エコシースモールボートチャーター (ロンサレム島 1日 12月20日~1月10日、4月10日~4月16日) お一人様 180US$

※Tour may not commence during rainy season
※Kindly bring your own swimwear, towels, sunscreen etc.
※Tour may commence with one participant only
※Cannot arrange a Japanese tour guide for this tour
※Tour departure time is approximated. May vary depending on weather and travel season.
※• Possibility of being combined with other guests and the tour guide accompanying you for the tour might also change
※t may also occur that because of time constraints, the tour may not commence

• During the HIGH SEASON (usually from October until March), it is recommended to book your tours and plan your itinerary as soon as possible.
• Should you wish to cancel your hotel reservation less than two weeks before supposed arrival, cancellation charges will apply (depending on hotel policies).
. Should you wish to cancel any of your booked tour itineraries less than one day before the departure, a cancellation fee will be charged as well.
• In accordance with our policy, all children aged 2 years and below are free of charge, all children aged between 3 and 12 yrs will be charged with 50% off the tariff rates and all children aged 13 and above shall be considered an adult and be charged with a full rate. Please also note that our transportation units do not contain any child seat.
• Kindly manage all valuables and personal belongings by yourself. We constantly remind our guests not to bring any valuable or expensive items while on tour however, if you wish to do so then they will be at your own risk. SKETCH TRAVEL will not assume any responsibility on any damaged, lost or stolen property.
• Kindly note that all time schedules are always approximated. Certain time adjustments may occur due to traffic, weather conditions and other unavoidable circumstances that may lead to delay or cancellation of the tour itself. If the tour is cancelled based on the events that is beyond our control, no refund shall be awarded.

• Kindly note that all tour itineraries, schedules and programs are subject to a cancellation fee.
• Due to the fact that some of the tours we are offering are partly being handled by other tour agencies, cancellation policy varies depending on the third party tour operators. However, for cancellations of any tours originally made by SKETCH TRAVEL, the following rules shall be applied:

o 1 day before the tour departure (at least before 5 pm) no cancellation charge
o 2 hours before the tour departure, a 50% charge shall be applied
o Less than 2 hours before the tour departure, a 100% percent charge shall be applied
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Sketch Travel Cambodia > Tour > [ST-05] PRIVATE BOAT CHARTER