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(Le Meridien Angkor)

Le Meridien Angkor Spa


(Le Meridien Angkor)
Le Meridien Angkor Spa

After a day of temple hopping or productive meetings, the award-winning Le Méridien Angkor Spa is at the best spot in Siem Reap to reinvigorate for another day of discovery.

A sanctuary from stress, the luxurious spa offers a menu of traditional massages and health therapies, Western or Oriental, to relax, rejuvenate, and revitalize the body and mind. With six private treatment rooms, including three specially designed couple rooms and a Jacuzzi suite, the spa is the perfect local in which to indulge the senses and experience the sheer bliss amid complete tranquility.

This Siem Reap Spa is open from 10.00am -10.00pm and is located besides the hotel’s Khmer designed pool.

Le Meridien Angkor Spa(Le Meridien Angkor)
Address:Vithei Charles De Gaulle, Khum Svay Dangkom, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Operation hours:10:00~22:00 (daily)
※All prices are subject to a 10% Government tax and a 5% service charge (in USD).
※If you require transportation, you can avail of our Tuk-Tuk Transfer Campaign for an additional USD 5 only. Kindly include this detail upon reservation.
※If your spa reservation will be valued at or over USD 50, then a complimentary transfer is awarded. Kindly specify this upon reservation

Massage Rituals
Aromatic Swedish (60 mins) 
Anointing the body with aromatic oils, relax completely as the smooth stroking hand techniques release muscle tension.
Aromatic Swedish (90 mins) 
Anointing the body with aromatic oils, relax completely as the smooth stroking hand techniques release muscle tension.
East-West Fusion (60 mins) 
Wonderful for relieving aches, pains and strains, this combination of Eastern and Western techniques is highly recommended for those who prefer a deep massage.
Warm Coconut Massage (60 mins) 
Known for its ability to prevent the formation of free radicals, coconut oil is used in a deeply relaxing massage that uses gentle stroke techniques. A warm soothing synergy.
Touch of Discovery (90 mins) 
Stimulate your energy lines as the long, rhythmic strokes of the forearm, elbow and hand release stress and improve circulation.
Hot Stone Massage (90 mins) 
Harnessing the power of slowly heated stones, a healing and penetrating heat flows in through key energy points. Hot stone therapy is exceptional in assisting the relief of headaches, water retention, muscular tension and insomnia. Re-energise your body and soul.
Ancient Angkor Massage (90 mins) 
Performed without oil, this old Angkorian therapeutic massage method forms the basis of this ritual, involving application of pressure and gentle stretching of the muscles to stimulate the meridians.
Foot Rejuvenation (60 mins) 
Inspired by reflexology foot massage techniques, this massage helps unblock energy channels and restores the natural flow of energy in the body. Finish with a peppermint cream rub and a head massage.
Body Rituals
Aromatic Lemongrass Salt Scrub (60 mins) 
This superb body polishing treatment uses a combination of freshly ground salts with oils to re-mineralize and smooth the skin. A lotion massage concludes the treatment, leaving your skin as soft as velvet.
Jasmine Rice Body Polish (60 mins) 
An exotic polish to energise and revitalise, this aromatic treatment delicately infuses the body, leaving your skin deeply cleansed, replenished and refreshed.
Bergamot Walnut Exfoliation (60 mins) 
Carefully researched to deep cleanse the skin while providing a unique exfoliate, this treatment utilises the benefits of bergamot essential oil to help relax your mind and calm your spirit.
Herbs and Spice Recovery Wrap (60 mins) 
Explore the healing elements of rosemary, lemongrass, plai and wild mint and feel the tension in your body subside, stress in your mind release and tiredness in your skin melt away.
Traditional Khmer Wrap (60 mins) 
Combining a soothing application of Cambodia’s most unique beauty secrets of Khmer herbs, turmeric and yoghurt honey, this wrap helps detoxify and cleanses the body inside and out. Let your thoughts drift away.
Facial Rituals
Brighten by Nature (60 mins) 
This complexion reviver which includes a face massage and mask is a rejuvenating experience of cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing. Purify and promote beautifully radiant skin and complete your pampering with a hand and foot treatment finish.
Balance & Detox (60 mins) 
Using steam to thoroughly cleanse all pores before a detoxifying face mask, this facial will also remove black heads to leave you looking and feeling fabulous. Some wonderful hand massage will ensure you feeling totally refreshed.
Ancient Hot Stone Facial (60 mins) 
This warm and comforting therapy permeates, tones and tightens the deeper layers of the muscle and facial tissue, giving a mini face lift effect. To add a finishing glow, a gentle Khmer Face Mask is applied.
Angkor Spa Packages
Relax (2 hrs) 
For the complete relaxing experience, choose any Aromatherapy Massage and combine with your choice of facial.

Massage of your choice
Facial of your choice
Cambodia’s Splendour (2 hrs) 
Invigorate your entire body and smooth away dry, dead skin with a body exfoliation combined with your choice of oil massage.

Jasmine Rice Body Polish
Warm Coconut Massage
Healing Stones (2.5 hrs) 
Let the healing power of basalt stone transform you and discover the true meaning of rest. Stone away the stress and tension. Unwind and feel great.

Ancient Hot Stone Massage
Ancient Hot stone Facial
Time Together (for couples) (90 mins) 
The candles flicker gently and exotic scents surround. Spend romantic time together in our couples suite. Heaven for two.

Choose a 60 minute massage ritual
Lotus flower bath

Temple Aftermath (3 hrs) 
This restful calming experience is perfect after a full day of temple exploration.

Feet Treat
Aromatic Lemongrass Salt Scrub
Aromatic Swedish 60 mins Massage
Balance & Detox Facial
The Angkor Experience (4 hrs) 
Indulge the senses and experience sheer tranquility with this pampering package.

Khmer herbal bath
Traditional Khmer Wrap
Ancient Angkor Massage
Ancient Hot Stone Facial
Khmer Fresh fruit
The Angkor Experience (for couples - 4 hrs) 
Indulge the senses and experience sheer tranquility with this pampering package.

Khmer herbal bath
Traditional Khmer Wrap
Ancient Angkor Massage
Ancient Hot Stone Facial
Khmer Fresh fruit
Men’s Packages
Rejuvenator (1.5 hrs) 
Improve energy flow and ease away fatigue. Reduces stress and combats daily aggressions such as shaving. Discover a new vibrancy.

Foot Rejuvenation
Head and Back Harmony Massage
Sparkle Facial
Energy (2 hrs) 
Fill your skin with renewed energy with this superb treat. Looks brightened, and complexion refined. Engage and align.

Herbs and Spice Recovery Wrap
East-West Fusion Massage
Extra Touch
Kindly combine with a massage of your choice
Ayurvedic Head Treatment (30 mins) 
Indulge yourself to an Ayurvedic Head Massage and allow yourself to be empowered and be moisturized using rosemary and lavender oils using this ancient wisdom technique
Head Back Shoulder Harmony (30 mins) 
Treat yourself to an extensive bead and back shoulder massage that is very essential to stress relief. This massage calms the mind allowing you to remove your body’s stiffness and regain your energy. We recommend you to combine this massage with other treatments.
Sparkle (30 mins) 
Cleans and rejuvenates tired skin
A Thousand Miles (30 mins) 
Give your tired legs a reward. This therapy removes fatigue and stresses on the reflex points on the soles of your feet.
Foot Relaxation
Foot Massage (30 mins) 
Hand Massage (15 mins) 
Head Massage (15 mins) 
All Templed Out - Head, Hand and Foot Massage (60 mins) 
Manicure (50 mins) 
Nail shaping, cuticle work, massage and polish of your choice.
Pedicure (50 mins) 
Nail shaping, cuticle work, massage and polish of your choice.
The Luxury Manicure (75 mins) 
Exfoliation and aroma mask
Therapeutic hand and arm massage
The Luxury Pedicure (75 mins) 
Exfoliation and aroma mask
Therapeutic foot and leg massage
※Please select the desired menu above

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